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What makes a home

I like to collect things. Ideas. Bits of papers. Articles clipped from magazines.

So then here I am in Second Life and I start collecting things also - an interesting shirt over here, a piece of sculpture over there, a Japanese tea house skybox, a poseball or two. I love beautiful things and end up feeling a moral responsibility to buy them. Sure, they’re nothing more than pixels, a little digital file held on some unstable server in California - but hey, I can call them my OWN little collection of pixels.

(More anon on an article I keep going back to called This is Not a Spoon).

So now here I am and I’ve collected builds, trees, clothing, art, islands….who knows what else but it’s all in the name of science. But the latest buy, which I had my eye on for at least a month if not more, is a house by The Firm.

And I’d like to explore this build in greater detail because I think there might be something to the question of whether it makes sense that in a world where all things are possible, we can often respond most to those that are familiar.


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