PaperVision Public Beta Show Reel

I’m in love with Papervision, partly because I’m in love with Flash, and love the fact that Papervision:

a) Allows users to interact with 3D content using the Flash player. No client downloads. No clutzy clients.
b) It’s open source. The community of developers and coders have already made great strides in retooling and improving Papervision, including well-rendered virtual environments and rudimentary first-person avatar movement.
c) You can do cool, hot, controlled things with it.

We all know what a talented designer can do with Flash – now turn that into real-time rendered 3D objects and you get the idea. And if pictures are worth 1,000 words check out their demo reel launched with the release of the full public beta:

And if you’re hungry for more, check out:
(Twitter 3D Demo)

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