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OpenSim and Second Life Interoperable

Teleportation between OpenSim and Second Life has been accomplished. Last night, Ruth arrived on the OpenSim grid…FROM Second Life.

According to Zha’s Virtual Musings:

This wasn’t a normal login. All three Avatars had been logged on via the Agent Domain in the Linden Lab Aditi test grid. The Agent Domain took a “place_avatar” request from the client, and issued a “rez_avatar” request to the OpenSim, which handed the Agent Domain the necessary details so it could relay it to the client, and permit a login. We’re all Ruth, because we’re not yet syncing the agents with openSim inventory yet. That’s just a small matter of programming… (Well, that’s what we programmers always say.) We have no inventory, and we’re stuck on the single region. But.. It’s a very nice first step.

Image from Zha

Nice to see that Ruth has not entirely left us. Ability to teleport between the two grids does not currently mean that your hair will come with you.


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