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Call for Papers on VW Culture

The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research is asking for contributions to its forthcoming issue dedicated to culture in virtual worlds.

The editors of this issue, Mark Bell and Mia Consalvo, are looking for articles from ‘academic researchers and practitioners’ that explore the culture and experience of VWs. Here is a list of topics, culled from their site, that the editors are looking to explore in this issue:

• Definitions of Virtual Cultures
• Ethnographies of Virtual Worlds
• Social mechanics and networking in Virtual worlds
• Historical development of Virtual Worlds
• Identity
• Differing goals of play versus non-play centric spaces
• Emergent practices, player-generated content, activities
• Dynamics of economies
• “Serious” uses of Virtual Worlds
• Transnational game spaces, player groups

The eds are looking for “essays, papers, original research, interactive online exhibits with accompanying detailed descriptions, and other forms of scholarship.” Deadline is September 29, 2008.

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