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While Second Life Teleports, Vivaty Gives a Widgie

Vivaty announced that it now offers users of Facebook and AIM the ability to host Vivaty Scenes on their social networking profiles, thus becoming a 3D virtual widget in a Web 2.0 world. Heralding the golden age of the chatty Web, the Vivaty blog reminds us that we are ALL immersed:

The signs of a more immersive web are all around us: we wake up every day to more media sharing APIs, more “live” and self-expression options on IM clients, and more visual depth being added to profiles on even the most simply-designed sites like Facebook. The web is getting more expressive, visually engaging and fun and we hope you stay with us to be part of it.

As if the Web wasn’t fun enough! We can Twitter our Flickr uploads which can be embedded in our virtual scenes inside our Facebook profiles, poke each other, Twitter about the poke, bring the poke virtual, take a photo of the poke and then feed it back to Flickr again and then FriendFeed the whole thing while we record a quick stand-up routine to ship off to youTube!


According to Mashable:

Vivaty Scenes, which currently only has an IE version, is yet another way in which this can be done, as users can visit each other’s virtual scenes, leave messages for those that are away, and chat with each other about content that’s being shared within a Vivaty Scene, whether it be a Flickr stream or a shared YouTube clip. The same functionality occurs within Vivaty’s Facebook App, though it’s more integrated within the Facebook network. While visiting your own or another user’s Vivaty virtual scene, you can quickly pull up your list of friends and strike up a conversation.

Vivaty’s business model is embedded advertising. Their first corporate partner is Target (TAR-Jay).

They do point out that there’s merit to the idea of grafting virtual environments onto existing social networks, which might be a lot easier than figuring out who to hang out with in Second Life (by the way, has there ever been a “refer a friend” program for SL?):

“I think that a number of Web-based virtual worlds would do well to somehow leverage existing networks built around chat in a similar manner. Instead of joining a virtual world where you don’t know anyone, you’re immediately presented with your friends that are already there, and an easy invite option for those that haven’t joined yet.”

Now, just need to somehow get back into Facebook – I deactivated it because of spammy pokes, and then deactivated the e-mail it was attached to because of spammy spam, I don’t know where to find my openID, and the only reason I can blog at all is that the computer I use remembers the password.


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