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Fashion Inspiration in Second Life: Blogger Mix & Match

Second Effects and Vint Falken are stirring up the blog pot and I’ll be landing on Tenth Life where I’ll be writing on the following topic:

“Fashion in SL: Can we run out of ideas? Fashion in RL seems to have gone off on tangents in order to find new ideas. This may not work in SL, what’s your view on this?”

So, the idea was to submit a topic. What you’re assigned back is a topic, and an unrelated blog.

Dusan Writer’s Metaverse will host Princess Ivory who will write on the rather open-ended topic “Sounds Like SL.”

But here’s the thing: the idea was to stir things up. And I like the idea of writing about stuff I never really thought about before – I do it with every post after all, making stuff up as I go along. But I’m a bit stumped:

- What does “Fashion” refer to in Second Life? How can I tell fashion apart from, say, freebie jeans? What should I be looking for so I can get some kind of idea what the current “fashion” community is in SL?

- What ARE the factors that drive inspiration of the fashionistas in SL? What motivates a fashion designer? What motivates their buyers?

- What are the current limitations to the tools used for creating fashion? What have the most important advances been in the past? What have the iconic fashion moments been?

Any help or pointers you might have are welcome as I try to sort out the future of inspired fashion in Second Life.


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