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Obama Staffs Up with Second Life Resident and Warcraft Elf

Raph Koster points out that the Obama FCC transition team is headed up by avatars.

Well, kind of. According to Raph, Susan Crawford and Kevin Werbach are no strangers to virtual worlds:

“I first met Kevin at a social policy conference that was themed in part around virtual worlds; I first met Susan at State of Play, the wonderful legal conferences around VW issues. Both are associated with Terra Nova. Kevin is also a Tauren Shaman & a Night Elf Rogue, and Susan is a Second Lifer, plus she has me on her blogroll (hey now…!).”

Somehow I suspect that government is grinding enough, and we won’t see Kevin farming for herbs or whatever in WoW any time soon. But nice to know there are some folks involved in the FCC who won’t stare blankly when you use the word prim.

(Hmmm. I wonder if the Obama team vetted their chat logs.)

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