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Teen Grid Merger with Second Life NOT Imminent (Update)

Update: Right – so my unsubstantiated rumor idea doesn’t work so well – what seemed like a good source (a Linden speaking at an event) turns out to have been more like a speculative “yeah, we should move in that direction” off-hand remark.

As clarified by Mark Kingdon:

“There is indeed interest in Linden Lab and the wider Second Life community in having a mixed grid but it would come with a long list of challenges. As such, integrating the grids is not on our current roadmap. It would be a significant policy change for the Lab and we would engage the community in a deeper dialog well in advance of such a move should we decide to make it a strategic priority.”

So…moving on to verifiable stories then. :)

OK – from the ‘totally unsubstantiated rumor’ department, I’m getting word that the merger of the Teen Grid into Second Life is “imminent”. The issue came up – well, came up where I can’t remember, and from whom I have no idea….but I’ve now heard it from several people that the Lab has indicated they have a team working (round the clock? furiously? ploddingly? grudgingly?) on the merger.

So chalk this up as “Dusan is hearing things again” but if anyone can fill in the blanks it would be great.


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