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Teen Grid Merger with Second Life Low on the Radar

Mark Kingdon, CEO of Linden Lab, assures me that while there is a great deal of interest in exploring the idea of merging the Teen and Main Grid in some fashion, this is NOT currently on the Lab’s roadmap.

Several people had contacted me about an event at which a Linden Lab employee seemed to indicate that the idea of a merger was something being actively pursued. This was clearly, however, speculation or ‘off-the-cuff’ thinking.

Quoting Kingdon:

“There is indeed interest in Linden Lab and the wider Second Life community in having a mixed grid but it would come with a long list of challenges. As such, integrating the grids is not on our current roadmap. It would be a significant policy change for the Lab and we would engage the community in a deeper dialog well in advance of such a move should we decide to make it a strategic priority.”

While I updated my previous post, I wanted to clarify in a separate posts to draw attention to the clarification.

OK. Now. Where were we?


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