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Mesh and Second Life: Deal with It?

Put this in the category of, um…..well I have no idea what category to put it in, but my respect for Reed, Gianna and Draxtor just dropped a notch or two with their video (embedded below the fold) about the coming ability to import mesh objects into Second Life.

The video, which I’m sure is meant to be, um, funny, ends with the tag: “Mesh is Coming to Second Life….Deal with It”.

What’s even more astonishing is that Linden Lab is carrying the video on the Second Life youTube channel.

Now…I’m a believer that mesh is important, necessary, and will facilitate new forms of creativity in what is still the largest user-generated virtual world. But I’m also of the belief that it will have a significant impact on the Second Life economy, to the detriment of many.

To produce a video that thumbs its nose at anyone who doesn’t “get it” is arrogant and does nothing to easy anxiety that mesh imports are more likely to shift the opportunities for content creation in Second Life to a “professional class”.

Much of what’s missing in the discussion over mesh is any sort of thoughtful review or assessment of how it will be handled economically – the details are sketchy at best, and while the product folks at Linden Lab are treating it as something that falls under the category of ‘money-maker’, we’ve heard nothing about how they’ve evaluated the economic consequences of introducing the feature.

We’ve heard nothing about whether they anticipate that mesh will increase the user base, nothing about their projections or goals, and so its being left to the folks who were in the mesh beta to craft an understanding of the potential of the feature.

This video does nothing to advance a thoughtful discussion of the impact of mesh on Second Life, other than to tell a large portion of the Second Life population to just, well, shut up.


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