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Metanomics Mmmmmondays: Virtual Worlds and Real-World Economies

Yes, virtual worlds have real economies too! But when Metanomics starts-up on October 4th, I’ll be a special guest host interviewing none other than Robert Bloomfield himself. Our focus will be on how virtual worlds can be used to understand real-world economies. (Any comments about Madoff or pyramid schemes will be deleted – *glances at C3*).

Metanomics is returning to its roots. The show started over 100 episodes ago on Mondays, back when there was still lag in Second Life, group chat didn’t always work, and voice still broke down (actually, I don’t think there WAS voice, so it was permanently borked). How far we’ve come!

So get this on your calendars, folks: Metanomics, Mondays, 12:00 pm SLT/PST.

And join us as we grill Bloomfield, er, host Robert Bloomfield for a provocative chat on Mark to Market and, um, virtual worlds.

Oh, and while I’ve got you, if you want to catch up, here’s a recent show from the Masterclass series, covering virtual worlds and architecture. Enjoy!


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