Cathay Pacific: Avatars, 3D Tour, Papervision

Cathay Pacific is showing off it’s new airplane cabins on a Web site that combines selecting a stand-in for yourself - male or female, the ability to tour the cabin in 3D, and artful use of Papervision in the interface.

The site is remarkably fast to load, immerses you in the environment of the aircraft, and gets down to the level of allowing you to test how the seats maneuver and lights adjust.

A flight simulator and an in-board movie allows you to watch trailers for what will be shown on board.

Of course - also has you dreaming of first class travel, but hey - that’s the nice thing about the 3D Internet - you don’t actually have to go anywhere to get the idea of what it must be like.

What I really like about this application is that it’s a well-designed user experience and it uses Papervision in integration with other elements. It feels like a “Flash site” in which you’re suddenly transported into the cabin of the airplane.

According to DMNews:

“The messaging is running in e-mail, banner ads, search and in print ads, all inviting customers to visit the airline’s new microsite. Cathay Pacific is also hosting YouTube and Facebook pages. The company has worked with a numĀ­ber of agency partners in the past, but Owens said there was no agency tied directly to this push.”

Hard to show in a few photos, so head over to the site to check it out. I’d still be interested to know who the agency is behind the specific application.


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