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Recommendations for Xcite – Mixed Reality, um, Toys?

Hot on the heels of using the Wii remote to rotate a virtual object, which rotates a real object, new concepts which could truly herald the killer app that everyone’s waiting for in Second Life. It is recommended that the designers of these ‘real world’ products be approached to include a second output to Xcite! compatible devices, in which the real world um instruments would be mirrored by in-world attachments.

Seismic Dildo
First up, the Seismic Dildo which “is a conventional dildo that is turned on (vibrating) only in case of an earthquake somewhere in the world. The intensity of the vibrations of the dildo are determined by the magnitude of the earthquake. The duration of the vibrations is determined by the distance between the user and the epicenter of the earthquake.”

The device operates through being “connected to a microcontroller (in this case an ATMEGA168 programmed through the Arduino IDE). The microcontroller is continuously reading(2) a feed of the recent earthquakes, obtained from the USGS, through a program written with Processing(3). Each time an earthquake occurs, the program sends information of distance and magnitude to the microcontroller that in turns controls the dildo.”

Sex Strike Dildo
Next up, the Sex Strike Dildo, which:

…is a way for the user to express his/her opinion relative to a given political or societal fact by eventually doing a sex strike. By setting the threshold, the user is expressing her/his tolerance limit to the considered fact before not allowing her/himself sexual gratification.

A working example of the Sex Strike Dildo has been completed with the measure being the daily body count of Iraqi civilians (obtained from Iraq Body Count). The user sets the amount of daily dead Iraqi civilians she/he tolerates before not allowing her/himself sexual gratification.

It is recommended that this product be adapted for use in Second Life by being tied directly to FPS, crash rates, missed teleports and other factors.

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