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I’m Sick and Tired Too: VD for Virtual Worlds

I don’t want to remember 100 passcodes. And I recently blogged on this….and blogged…and blogged…..and 4,000 words later came to the same conclusion as Edutechy who also had a nice simple diagram and a name (Virtual World VD) to explain the whole thing:

Edutechy also bypassed a lengthy sidebar on interoperability, identity, reality and all that obscure stuff and put it rather simply:

“I’m just sick and tired of entering all of the same data, and building the same types of avatars on each system. If these systems and concepts are to grow, then we need standards governing them…”

I propose the same, only in a wordier way:

“And I’ve also invested in a contract, one in which I’ve made do with the information I have access to, and the domain experience I’ve gained. And I want to know that if my ability to move from space to space is made possible, that the contract is either honored or that its made clear to me what’s changed, whether there are new rights or rights lost, information collected or different policies deployed.”

OK, well, lesson learned – keep it simple, and perhaps propose a catchy name. (SLim is in?)

Now, I part company on the idea of a single repository of data, but I agree on the portability of that data and its ownership by the user. In order to describe what I’m thinking I’ll have to write another 4,000 words so I’ll leave it for now.


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