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Promoting the Metaverse: A Virtual World Ahead of Its Time?

Greg Verdino at Crayon pointed out this video promoting a revolutionary technology platform. And sign me up!

Q-Link promises, breathlessly I might add:

“A diverse new interactive world of easy-to-use services right at your fingertips where people from across the world can converse, share ideas, and participate in informative lectures.”

That’s the collapsing geography thing you hear. Or the collaboration thing. Or education. Um. Anyways, it sure looks compelling:

But wait, it gets better. After highlighting the various games (poker, chess, that kind of thing - THIS world doesn’t seem to have qualms about the legality of casinos! Woot!) it talks about the virtual world aspects:

“A revolutionary entertainment experience where players control their own characters, interacting with other players to explore an imaginary evolving world filled with fantasy and the unexpected!”

And don’t worry: the system specs are forgiving, you don’t need the latest graphic chip to get the thing to run:

“Simply hook up this invention to a telephone and a computer….Connecting a nation of Commodore users to one another!”

Sign up today and enjoy.


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