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Recruiters peg Second Life

Accenture, one of the world’s largest recruitment agencies, has opened up a careers island in Second Life, according to ThinkBalm’s Erica Driver.

Again, this use of Second Life is about streamlining cost and setting up as many in-world recruitment meetings as possible (Accenture is in 49 countries). The advantage is that more people can meet with recruiters online, and the company has simplified the process within SL to make it much easier for internal recruiters to use. The Accenture island looks pretty much like a traditional office, which means it is using SL as a brand extender. And Accenture, by default, tests potential hires’ technical skills simply by their presence in Second Life.

Now this one seems an obvious fit because of the volume of Second Life users. But one question that comes up is, how can an employer judge a potential hire based on an avatar? If I were to show up for a job interview with wings and the head of a raven (after all, isn’t this the point of Second Life?), will I be prejudged? Of course, I’m sure that most normal-minded people will create a professional-looking avatar, but for once, I’d like to show up at a job interview as a Angelina Jolie-lookalike. Hey, can’t we all have our recruitment fantasies?


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