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Interfaces Redux: Touch Screen Prims?

I’ve had a fascination with interfaces – not just graphical interfaces, how to make them more intuitive, but also the devices that we use. I’m increasingly convinced that there are two significant advances that represent the key wave of innovations to come: access devices, and the new generation of graphic chips. Combine this with deeper integration of the immersive internet with Web 2.0 and the semantic Web and what’s clear is that the innovation curve isn’t nearly over yet.

Take this example of turning your PC into a touch screen interface, much like a larger iPhone. Imagine if you could rez and edit prims using your fingers – it would be fluid, tactile, and have a sense of proper connection between the three dimensional “touch” of your fingers and those of the prims.

Maybe I’m just being a little fanciful, but it’s nice to imagine that not only will innovation come from improvements to UI design using “standard” interfaces, but perhaps as well from the new devices that are changing our concept of interacting with computers.

Oh, and speaking of devices, and on a lighter note, I keep forgetting to post this wonderful Second Life keyboard. Advanced users only (click image for larger).

Second Life Keyboard by Prad Prathivi.

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