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Click My Real Life Profile

In virtual worlds, your name floats above your head and there are options for clicking someone’s avatar to find out more about them. But in case we forget, this is the metaverse, which includes virtual worlds, mirror worlds, life logging and augmented reality (according to the Metaverse Roadmap).

And so, in a nod to another of the quadrants, LILT brings us an overview of - well, of your name floating above your head with the ability to click it to find out more about them. Only thing is, it happens in the real world:

Per the site:

“Fully effective registration of digital objects to real objects in a heads up display is still a developing technology. In the first instance we are working to make the general information available, and hope to move on in time to a full augmented reality version of the system. In our current prototype we scan for nearby Bluetooth devices as a proxy for the people in your vicinity. For each Bluetooth device, we check disCourse (a LILT-developed online collaboration system) via wireless Internet access to see if that device ID has been associated with anyone’s profile. If it has, we display it to the SocialSense user through a simple interface (shown below). “

Now, if you haven’t read Halting State, read it. I probably should have added it to my top 5 book list, because it does one of the best jobs in print of describing a world in which the full metaverse actually exists: a mash-up of augmented reality, information shadows, game environments, and hackers. This application is very much yanked from the pages of the future.


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