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Setting the Stage: Metanomics and M Linden

A New Season of Metanomics
Wednesday, May 6th at 1:00 PM SLT
Setting the Stage: In Conversation with Mark Kingdon

Please make note of the new day and time.

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We held a community forum for Metanomics this week and introduced everyone to the new stage and set for the show.

It was a bit of an emotional moment for me.

When I first asked Keystone Bouchard to help with the build I wasn’t sure what to expect and, well, my brief was kind of lame frankly: “make something cool that people will love” and he sort of nodded and asked me some stuff like “um, do you have a size in mind? A look and feel? Modern or not modern” and I think my response was: “um yeah all that”….

Modeling the Future:

Metanomics stage designs and models

So Keystone’s approach was to ask the community, and over the course of a month or so he designed a series of little models and solicited community feedback, and over time the designs were refined and we eventually had a large build that wasn’t really primmed out yet but gave a feeling of where it was headed.

One morning I logged in to see how it was looking and he had finished up a lot of the detailing - the struts, a little deck, the “skin” and I had a kind of shiver. Now, maybe I’m a little close to it, but it really felt at that moment that I was standing in what could very well become an icon of both virtual world architecture and of community - or at least, I hope it will.

Metanomics design

And it was amazing to have people in the build, to get a feel for what it will be like to have a show there. (View the full Flickr stream here).

Appropriately, we’re calling the first show of the new season “Setting the Stage: In Conversation with Mark Kingdon”. And what with the region limit and the fact we won’t have an “access list” I guess I’d better go grab my seat now.

Which I don’t mind - it’s like waiting inside a work of art, really. And a good reminder to M Linden perhaps that the phrase “Your World, Your Imagination” still has legs.

Waiting for M:


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