Philip Rosedale: Business and Sex Mix it Up in Second Life

Philip Rosedale explained Linden Lab’s policies and approach to sex in Second Life at the recent Community Convention:

“We will continue to build tools and move things around and push on everybody so that we get the search, zoning, and visibility right so that you can sit there and have a business meeting and you can also have sex.

Yay! Now THAT’S a value proposition for enterprise.

HAHAHA. Gosh I love Pip. And as you may know, I collect Philip quotes. When taken out of context they, um, have no context. I mean, he makes sense in a macro kind of way but anyhow.

Another quote (please don’t take the terms “top” and “tool” in any context other than their own):

“At the top level the Internet itself is all connected via hyperlinks. Even the sexually-oriented content is connected via a few hyperlinks with the business content or whatever, so the same is likely to be true in the virtual world. We just have to continue to build the tool set so it supports that behavior.”

Um, so….the Web connects business to sex. And the Lab needs to create tools, at a top level, to support that.

I know it’s not what he meant but really. See what I mean about how awesome he is?

See the full video clip after the break.

Big thanks to HVX Silverstar for getting these videos up!


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