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Philip Rosedale’s Artificial Intelligence

In our continued watch of Philip Rosedale’s (nee Linden) new venture, P-Squared, comes a most unusual job posting, which may or may not go hand-in-hand with his request for burritos.

Now, what’s interesting about the job announcement, other than the fact that it would nearly certainly scare off 95% of potential applicants (and yet be appealing to 95% of applicants in San Francisco) is that Philip mentions that the project involves ‘artificial intelligence’, which isn’t to say that there isn’t ALREADY a lot that’s artificial in Second Life, or a lot that’s intelligent, but promises to bring them together and hook them all up to love machines.

So what say you? Interested in applying?

(Pro tip: courier your application with a steak burrito and you’re a shoe-in).

Description of P-Squared, as outlined in the application, follows.

The founder of Second Life and one of it’s earliest team members (Philip and Ryan), are starting a new company. We’ve talked about it a little in public so far – if you’re good you’re probably already reading that stuff right now without needing a link. Second Life is a pretty hard act to follow – but we’ve got a pretty big idea. In the long term, what we are doing is about Artificial Intelligence, and if we can make it work it will be every bit as world changing as Second Life. In the short term, we’re going to create a different kind of company – one that values freedom, fun, greatness, and the destruction of the ego. We’re re-examining everything about how people work together, with the hope of creating a small team that can build clever things ten times faster than anyone else and have fun doing it. We also want to make lots of money along the way, and we hope to be able to pay ourselves much more than equivalent market salaries – if we really are better and faster shouldn’t we all be making more money? We believe in everyone truly owning and directing the company, not in everyone waiting 10 years for an IPO that never comes! We don’t care about hours, clothing, or college degrees. We care about adding value.


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