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Philip Rosedale’s Brave New World: Burritos and Love Machines

Philip Linden's New Task List

Philip Rosedale, who recently left his full-time position at Linden Lab to start a new venture, has a call out for burritos and voltometers as part of his new project, which may or may not provide hints on where he’s headed.

According to the task list posted at P-Squared Island in Second Life, the virtual home of his new business, Rosedale is looking for burritos, playing cards, lightning fast iPhone apps, and a great bar.

Oh – and an office manager for his virtual island (so get down there you Philip groupies and turn your adoration into a job!).

Now, the list is hardly a strategic plan or anything but let’s extrapolate:

- Philip is planning to create a world-wide love machine hooked up to iPhones. People will be able to walk around with a voltometer attached to some kind of headset or something, and you’ll be able to send them love via your iPhone.

- It’s all about mixed reality gaming. Hmmm…or maybe mixed reality poker. The iPhone app will let you bet chips, you’ll collect playing cards at conferences or something, and then everyone decamps for a bar somewhere to get wasted on sake.

- Philip doesn’t actually know yet but he wants to assemble some fun little toys to spark his imagination.

Your guess is as good as mine. Comment here.

P-Squared watch continues.


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