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A Second Life for Second Life

Tech evangelist, Twitter monster and meme pack rat Robert Scoble poses the question and tantalizes us with an answer in a blog post sent out across his social media cloud or whatever it is that trails him around (115,000 followers can’t be wrong – can they?) when he asks: “Is Second Life about to enter its “second life?””.

Commenting on the rise and fall of the earlier Second Life hype cycle, Scoble hints that tomorrow at 11:00 am will see the launch of something significant enough to perhaps herald the ’second life’ of the virtual world:

Anyway, one thing happened that I find very interesting: it continued to grow in users, time spent on the site, and dollars spent in it.

On Friday I sat down with Mark to find out why.

First, the users remained very evangelistic. Second, corporations like IBM found other uses for its islands and kept investing (they now use these islands for training and replacements of expensive conferences). Third, the technology has been steadily improving. Fourth, the company has found new ways to bring new users in and make the experience easier to get into.

But he admitted that they had been pretty quiet and avoided doing more PR work until just recently.

Why is that changing this week? You’ll see why tomorrow morning at about 11 a.m. on building43.


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