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Thanks to everyone who’s expressed an interest in my Second Life user interface design contest. It’s really exciting to know that a few people are engaged in thinking about solutions to the question of whether, as one part of a larger puzzle, a different approach to the SL client might help attract or retain users.

Over the coming week or so, I’d like to try to aggregate previous posts on the topic of the SL UI. I have some bookmarks of my own, there’s the SL road map, and there has been passionate discussion on other blogs.

If you have a particular thread you’d like to highlight, post it here. I’ll aggregate everything onto a separate page.

I’m also pleased to have some great judges on board. I’ll be announcing the panel shortly. And many thanks to those at Linden Lab who have expressed that there is interest in this contest and enthusiasm for seeing what the community can come up with.

Hmmm…as usual, the trademark notice on the sidebar applies. I’m not sure I can technically call this a “Second Life UI Contest” because that might imply an endorsement of some kind. Anyways, I’ll leave it stand but you get the idea - this is my own gig at this point and it’s still the Lab’s Second Life, I’m merely in it.

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