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Young Second Life Filmmaker Profiled at TNW

Ariella Furman is a young filmmaker who works exclusively in Second Life. Earning upwards of $2,000 US dollars per month, her story was recently featured on the TechNewsWorld Web site.

It is nice to see positive coverage of the use of machinima in Second Life. The article describes in detail how Furman, a recent college graduate, goes about creating a film in SL - in this case, her client is IBM - using a virtual producer and how she directs the avatars.  She has worked for Electric Sheep and Popcha working for IBM, Nestle, and other clients.

Furman’s final cut can be played in SL, but just as significant is its playability in a Web page or in the real world. IBM recently played her video at a conference in Florida. The article describes Furman at work with actors in these virtual settings, a far cry from typical film shoots.

Furman describes what she does in this short video:

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