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Shadow Boxing in the Metaverse

When lag has got you down, when your hair just won’t attach, when no matter how hard you try the prims won’t align, or when some random blogger bugs you with enticing titles and no follow-through, then fire up your shadow boxing screen, call up a friend, and whack away.

For all the talk of small worlds and Flash-based clients, there’s something deeply appealing about something with low-rez but that really lets you get your back into it. Part of the games for health movement, researchers have built a remote system that lets you shadow box with a friend.

What I particularly like about it, as quoted on the site:

“The game encourages extreme physical exertion and, unlike the Nintendo Wii and other console games, it recognizes and registers

intense brute force.”

Small worlds or brute force.

I know which side I come down on, as spiritual and peaceful as I can sometimes be. :P

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