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“We’ll have a response Friday, or Monday” (checks watch T+17 hours)

Linden promised! And a promise is a promise!

So…PR e-mailed NWN and said “we’re going to address this Friday or Monday”. (The branding guideline uproar). Now, they tell Hamlet that because of the “volume of response” they need more time.

Which leaves me with a few questions:

1. Why don’t they post THAT on the blog? Something along the lines of: “Thanks everyone. Look, we know you want answers. We want to get this as right, the best we can, but it’s complicated. There’s lawyers involved, trademark people, MBAs, community relations people, and to top it off Philip is in Washington. We know this isn’t what you want to hear, but we wanted to let you know that we’re trying to sort this out the best we can.”

2. Is there something specific related to the VOLUME of response that I’m missing? As I posted over in the comments at NWN, sounds like we’re all on hold because there aren’t enough operators to answer the calls.

Whatever. At least they weren’t specific this time about a date. I suppose Philip needs to recover from the horror of wearing a tie - IF he’s even aware that any of this is going on, because according to reports he only likes to hear the good news…sort of Bush-like in his filtering system.

See you in New York everyone - anyone wanna meet for coffee in front of the realXtend booth?

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