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I Am a Virtual Character: But Vote for Me Anyways

OK, so I was selected for some competition I’d never heard of, but I’ve never won anything so of course I started scanning the tuxedo rentals and drafting an acceptance speech and so on, but not knowing whether there was a time limit or not, the speech kind of meandered on, and I’ve decided to publish it as a Stephen King length book instead. But I’ve made it to round two, after stuff competition from some other niche-type blogs covering sci/tech topics, and it’s nice to at least get some exposure for the metaverse right?

So take a wander over if you feel like voting for Dusan Writer’s Metaverse which is, as one commentator put it, “is an attractive blog about a virtual life character.”

I would have thought a “a blog about the virtual whose character is attractive” maybe, but then again photos of my avatar are hard to come by. And is this really a blog about a virtual life character? What an intriguing interpretation. Which has me wondering: what IS this blog about?

I was sort of thinking: “A blog drawing insight from virtual worlds to understand how issues of identity, creativity, and policy are driving the emergence of new models for sociality, enterprise, and prim hair.” But then again, being a nominee I now think more highly of myself than all those other non-nominees who probably write tiring stuff about real life, like, well, smog (a worthy topic, but in the world where my virtual character lives there’s no smog, although there are conferences on global warming).

Thank you for your vote. You’re all winners in my books. (Waves at the little people and flies off in a virtual limo).

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