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It’s the World Calling: Rivers Run Red Launches Mobile Message Service for Immersive Workspaces

Rivers Run Red has launched a mobile messaging service for its Immersive Workspaces(TM) application, allowing team members to post notes and messages from mobile devices. Called Mobile Ripple, it continues the effort to seamlessly join Web applications, virtual world environments, and now mobile technology.

Immersive Workspaces, which was launched in partnership with Linden Lab, is an application built to help facilitate team collaboration, meetings, collaboration, and data visualization. It has been built on the same platform as Second Life, but stands alone from the “public” Grid.

In my recent interview with Justin Bovington, CEO of Rivers Run Red, he noted that much of the initial interest in Immersive Workspaces has been because it helps to improve business productivity and reduces costs.

Mobile Ripple lifts off the deeper potential, however, of virtual world applications: namely creating an integrated tool set that spans distribution platforms (desktop computers, mobile devices) and creates visual data streams. In this case, messages posted by team members “out of world” are visually archived in world. Messages are simultaneously posted to the Web site, synching the virtual space with the kind of tools we’re already used to for team collaboration.

A lot of attention is paid to the development of clients for mobile phones (although how you’d meaningfully navigate an immersive 3D space on a small screen eludes me). Justin commented to me that Mobile Ripple takes another view:

“It’s not about running a virtual world client on your mobile phone. It’s about using your mobile phone as part of the mix; playing to the strengths of each device and objects around us to their own core strengths.

Integrated voice notes and eventually video are in the works for Mobile Ripple, said Justin.


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