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Apple iPhone a Gaming Platform?

By way of Engadget:

“John Geleynse (AKA Director of Technology Evangelism at Apple) made some statements regarding the iPhone platform that should seriously raise a few eyebrows. During an ADC “iPhone Tech Talk” in San Jose, Geleynse apparently waxed excited about the potential for the handheld as a viable threat to the DS (and the PSP by proxy), calling the iPhone a “gaming console” and claiming that “it’s not a phone, it’s a console experience.”

Engadget’s opinion?

“….While there’s no question the iPhone and touch have made inroads when it comes to gaming, it still isn’t clear that there’s going to be anything beyond a casual interest for these devices. Then again, if the Wii’s success has proven anything, it’s that there’s plenty of cash in casual if you can make it appealing enough. And you know how Apple feels about appealing products and money.”

From a slightly different angle, love this ad for the iPhone:

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