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Coaches Sprint to Virtual Environment

The Coaches Center, an online destination intended to “Inform, Educate, Inspire and Entertain” coaches around the globe, has been launched.

The center relies on a 3D collaborative environment where coaches and their team can have white board sessions, discuss training regimens, and communicate with others as a team or on a one-on-one level. Of course, a sports fantasy component as well as other coaching services, including virtual world conferences, lectures, training and commerce will exist in the Coaches Center. Coaches will also be able to manage their athletes, look for jobs, receive national accreditations, and socialize.

Whether the application itself is any good - dunno. Looks like it was built in Unreal, maybe.
Regardless, I like the idea that there are examples out there of narrow applications of VWs for a particular niche and sector. Coaching, while mostly a physical, real world exercise, increasingly has mental and intelligence-gathering components, well-suited to virtual world applications.

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