Metanomics: Coming Events and All That

It feels like a great month or two coming up on Metanomics, which of course I reserve the right to shamelessly promote and plug.

I’m definitely marking down Reuben, who I’m hoping will hand out free celebrity bling or maybe some Britney prim hair or something, M Linden (get your questions in now!), and partly because it’s the correct thing to say but mostly because I really do believe it’s one of the incredible stories of SL…the show on People with Disabilities and virtual worlds.

Oh - and Tom. But then I’m a totally admitted fanboy, there, I said it.

OK - so look, the above events are subject to change, whims, new titles, swaps, errors, glitches, and I can’t even promise I’ll keep the calendar thing working. We’re revamping some stuff so this is a bit of an interim measure, and you’re stuck with me as the person to update it and I, um, had something else that’s really important to do, if I could only remember where I left the sticky note with that really important thing jotted down.

(P.S. If I forgot your birthday it’s only because I care so much and wanted to wish you well in person.)

Other Calendar Info
You can add this to your RSS feed at the following:

I had to squish the above, so the titles are a bit truncated but click “more details” and you can see the whole thing.

I reserve the right to stop updating this later when I get more organized and have a different system in place.

Finally, thanks to the folks who came to the community forum yesterday - feedback was amazing, and this was my incredible awesome response to someone who said they’d like a Google Calendar thingy.

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