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Expert: Cybersex To Go Mainstream

Cybersex in virtual worlds is becoming as regular a feature as avatars. It’s common knowledge that cybersex is a robust area of cyberspace, and a sex educator and online columnist recently asserted at a sexuality conference that there will be few obstacles as it enters the mainstream, according to

Right now, cybersex – human/computer sexual interactions – seem to be limited to the tech-savvy and the sexually adventurous, as things like ‘teledildonics,’ the remote manipulation of sex toys in the hands of a partner, take hold in certain sectors of the world. But the article asserts that cybersex will enter the mainstream, bringing with it a new and changing set of rules.

“What I think people like about (sex on the Internet) is the newness and that online you can do something different,” said the educator, Cory Silverberg, to “It feels like the rules are different.”

The article also details the challenges that sex educators will face, and also how the very definition of infidelity is under threat due to the confusing, boundary-blurring sexual adventures in virtual worlds and elsewhere.

There was no comment on whether Microsoft’s Project Natal would allow for, um, teledildonic hand gestures.

And on a related note, since we’re posting ‘classic clips’ from this past season, a note from M on adult content:


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