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Celebrating 100 Episodes of Metanomics: L250,000 Design Competition

Today marks the 100th episode of Metanomics and to mark the occasion I’m sponsoring a design competition on “The Future of Metavision”.

(By the way, join us live for the 100th episode celebration featuring Beyers Sellers and the Reztones! It will be held immediately after today’s show which starts at 12:00 p.m SLT and features a discussion of the Second Life Terms of Service).

As we look forward to 100 more episodes of Metanomics, I’m inviting you to picture what the future of broadcasting looks like. I’m of the firm belief that Metanomics represents a milestone of sorts – truly interactive ‘destination broadcasting’. A “TV show” where the audience back chat is almost as lively (if not more so sometimes) than the show itself. Being filmed in a virtual world and covering topics that help us to understand how our lives online are change, well, our lives, Metanomics has been at the forefront of new ways to think about media.

But what does the future look like? What’s the future of the broadcast? How will we consume media and how will it be produced? Don’t just think about Metanonics, but think about media production and consumption in general.

What does the living room of the future look like? What kinds of devices will we use to access content? Your display might be of wearable attachments – virtual reality goggles, floating iPad pods that rez in thin air.

Or what’s the future of media production? What does the studio of the future look like. What’s the broadcasting console of tomorrow?

You have 1,000 prims and up to 20 x 20 meters to create a display that represents “the future of media production and consumption”.

So sharpen your prims and show us your vision of a possible “future of broadcasting”.

Rules and Criteria
I am inviting the creative, brilliant, thoughtful, insightful community of SL to submit displays representing visions for the “future of broadcasting, media production or media consumption”. The criteria for the contest is as follows:

- Create a display with a maximum footprint of 20 x 20 meters. It should have a maximum of 1,000 prims.
- There are no rules for what the display can be about, so long as it’s within the theme of “the future of media”. It could represent the “living room of the future”. You might show a fanciful television set. Or maybe you create a wearable device that is attachable to an avatar and is put on display.
- You are encouraged to use Second Life Shared Media. (And in particular, you’re encouraged to embed Metanomics episodes in your display!) This means that you can embed Web pages, videos or other Web content in your design.

A panel of judges will evaluate the entries. Based on the number of entries, a number of finalists will be chosen and then winners selected. Finalist entries will be on display in Second Life population prior to the winners being announced.

The criteria for judging will be based on two equal factors:

- Concept: the level of imagination in approaching the challenge. Whether it provides insight, humor, satire, parody, foresight, objects or designs that articulate an idea of the “future of broadcasting”.
- Quality: the quality of the display and the expertise demonstrated in the build.The expertise demonstrated in the building, scripting, textures, use of SLSM, and other skills.

First place: 100,000 L – one prize
Second place: 75,000 L – one prize
Third place: 25,000 L – three prizes

All entrants will retain the rights to their work but grant a non-exclusive single use license for the purposes of display and promotion related to the contest. All entrants will provide a modify/no transfer copy of their build which can be used on a permanent/semi-permanent display basis at the Metanomics or other region in Second Life. Modify rights are to be provided solely on the basis of allowing Remedy or its representatives to address scripting or other issues which may arise or be required.

- Submit no later than 11:59 PM (2359hrs) SL time May 15th
- Announcement of finalists: May 21st
- Display of finalists: May 21 – 30
- Winners announced: June (TBD)

Disclaimer Stuff
In accepting the prize, the winner, acknowledges that Remedy Communications Ltd. may not be held liable for any loss or damages associated with submitting, accepting or participating in this contest.

In making a submission, the entrant acknowledges that they are are the creators, or have full and unencumbered ownership of the submission.

If you have any questions, please send me a note card in-world (to Dusan Writer) or e-mail me at G-mail (dusan.writer). Best of luck and thanks in advance for your creativity and vision!


Creative Commons License
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