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Second Life Tour - Where Would You Go Today?

So I have my endless folder of landmarks and a few “must see spots”, and they run the range from “business in action” to “immersive environments”.

But here’s the scenario: I need to give a tour to someone and I thought it was time to refresh my SLURLs. The tour is meant to demonstrate that yes, Second Life is vibrant, and yes, serious people and organizations are using it - but that it is also a site of ’social media’ and community. The person who I’ll be giving the tour to isn’t a client or anything like that but someone in the media who wants to give some coverage to SL and where it’s at.

So - if you had an hour or so to give someone a sense of what SL is all about, where would YOU take them? What would you be demonstrating if you took them there? How do you demonstrate the power of SL when, maybe, you don’t have the time to attend a concert, or a Metanomics event :)?

(And let’s assume, for now, that you don’t need to do too much orientation - in this specific case, they’ve been in SL before and there might be a brief refresher course but we’ll take it as given that they can move around).

Give me your SLURLs!


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