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Linden Lab to Unveil Nebraska at Enterprise Conference

Linden Lab’s long-awaited behind-the-firewall virtual world solution will be unveiled at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in San Francisco on November 4th, according to the conference Web site:

The Virtual Enterprise: The Future of Work #e2conf-49 – Sponsored by Linden Lab/Second Life
We all feel it. Today’s economic, environmental, and business climate is putting tremendous pressure on enterprises to cut costs, innovate faster, and work in a more eco-friendly way. And, these business imperatives are driving forward-thinking organizations to explore emerging technologies that enable teams distributed around the globe to communicate, collaborate, learn, and create more effectively.

Second Life, developed and launched by Linden Lab in 2003, is the world’s leading 3D virtual world environment and solves many of the challenges that we collectively face and offers unique benefits that complement other enterprise collaboration tools. Second Life Residents, including enterprises, have logged more than one billion user hours, generated more than USD1 billion in user-to-user transactions, and over 18 billion minutes of voice.

Join Mark Kingdon, the CEO of Linden Lab/Second Life, to learn more about how hundreds of enterprises and governments are working both in Second Life and find out how they are saving money while taking giant leaps in creativity, innovation, and productivity. Kingdon will also unveil and demo the much anticipated behind the firewall’ product (code named “Nebraska”). A few enterprise customers will join him to discuss the product and future outlook of immersive, virtual workspaces in a mixed-reality event at the Moscone Center and in Second Life.

Speaker – Mark Kingdon, CEO, Linden Lab/Second Life

The launch and demo promises to give insight into how “Nebraska” is packaged and will no doubt include its new name. For schools and enterprise, Nebraska has been anticipated as a possible solution for those who either require the kind of security that you can’t get on the Main Grid, or who otherwise require a stand-alone solution.

With only 45 minutes to cover the future of work and a significant new product launch, there will probably be as many unanswered questions as answered ones. So I say let’s seed the conversation now – what do YOU want to know about the stand-alone solution?

I’ll start it off – will Nebraska support editable megas?


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