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Mark Kingdon to Unveil Nebraska on Metanomics

Mark Kingdon will unveil Linden Lab’s stand-alone server solution (still code-named Nebraska) at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in San Francisco on November 4th. The event will be broadcast in-world on Metanomics, as Amanda revealed this weekend in a longer comment about work avatars:

“Ok, back to the core issue. (Work avatars). The question that quite insightfully came up again and again is, “Why are you writing about this now?” It’s a very good question. There are two reasons why.

First, we are going to be releasing Second Life Work multi-cultural avatars with the upcoming behind-the-firewall solution. I’m looking forward to sharing more information about those avatars, and the product, next week. Yep, you heard right.We’re going to be announcing the beta of the stand-alone, behind-the-firewall version of Second Life on Wednesday, November 4th. M will be speaking on Metanomics ( and at Enterprise 2.0 ( on that day. More to come on that later this week. (Now you know why I’ve been so busy!)

But, there’s a second reason. A less obvious, but much more important reason, looping back to the theme of choice specifically around avatars, attire, and accessories. Right now, there are not many choices for business people who want more traditional work avatars, attire, chairs with work appropriate animations, etc. (How many of us have sat in chairs that made us look like we’re doing something obsene or like we’re bored out of our minds?) There’s a huge market opportunity out there and I am hoping that you all can capitalize on the wave of demand that’s about to flow into SL.”

More details to follow, but mark your calendars for November 4th, 11:00 a.m. PST/SLT.


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