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MMMMMMusic in Second Life

If this video doesn’t convince you of the power of virtual worlds as an expressive domain I don’t know what will.

As Hamlet reports on New World Notes:

“No matter what one tries to say about new-voice-on-the-block Skye Galaxy, hyperbole seems determined to slip in. I have yet to attend one of his shows without fighting impossible lag, for it hasn’t taken long for word to start spreading. But swimming through jam isn’t enough to put his fans off, because this voice might just be the most sublime to ever have hit the Second Life grid and, if he hasn’t made the big time before the next year is out, something is very wrong with this world.”

The video was merely a ‘capture’ of a concert in Second Life.

As a way for new talent to reach a global audience and to create rich and visual artefacts, virtual worlds offer an unparalleled opportunity to get a start on a career which could end up having an explosive trajectory across domains.

The video is a reminder, to me at least, of why I’m in Second Life in the first place. And a reminder as well why Linden Lab needs to DO SOMETHING to capitalize on music in particular – it truly is one of SL’s “killer apps” and it is woefully under-supported both technically and promotionally.


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