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‘Tis The Season: Turning Play into Pay for Real World Children in Need

It’s the time of year to be, well, bombarded with requests for donations, we’re all feeling fortunate, maybe, or even if we’re feeling less fortunate it’s not a bad time of the year to try to pass a little something along. Now, the trend these days is to give clients a card telling them you’ve donated to some charity instead of sending them a nice box of Godivas or some other swag, which always reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George makes UP a charity and then his boss decides to make a large donation in kind.

So, far be it from me to add to the deluge of donation requests, but there is a fund-raising initiative in Second Life that I wanted to draw your attention to and if you’re up to it pop by the Remedy sim and make a donation at the kiosk, or check out their blog for the ‘donate’ button.

While they have already reached 500,000L in donations think of the kids and help them put it over the top.

Some additional info from the press release about the fund-raising drive:

Virtual Children Turn Play into Pay for Real World Children in Need
At 10 years old, George Stebbins remembered the night before Christmas in his 90’s childhood home. “My parents were quiet all night and my little brother and I know both knew why”, says George Stebbins. “There would be no Christmas presents, no big meal and I certainly wasn’t getting the Gameboy I wanted. We could barely afford to eat at all and deep down my parents were far more hurt by the lack of toys than we were.”

Now existing as a virtual child in the MMORPG Second Life as Koffeekid Smalls, he used his popularity as host of the Milk N Kookies Radio show to generate support last year to adopt needy families over the holiday season. Together with his cohosts Yuki Eliot and Sage Kostenbaum they rallied a community of virtual kids and generated over $1,2000 USD that was used to purchase over 400 pounds
of food plus clothing and toys for families in the real world struggling to make ends meet over the holiday season. Virtual performers such as Nick99 Razor, Celticmaidenwarrior Lancaster and Erin68 Frog all participated with other artists in donating their time and talents to help raise additional awareness and donations.

This year, they have already raised an astonishing $500 in just over one week since they started distributing their inworld donation kiosk to several venues and hangouts. Events are currently being scheduled and performers and club owner have been eager to assist the Second Life kids in breaking last year’s total. Venues and individuals looking to place their own 2009 Milk N Kookies donation kiosk somewhere can contact any of the team members inworld. Updated information regarding the fundraiser on available on a special blog by visiting .

The Milk N Kookies show is a weekly radio show for the Second Life kids community that debates topics, features live performances and highlights news and events. Nearly 100 shows have been broadcast since its debut in 2008 with virtual hosts, Koffeekid Smalls, Yuki Eliot and Sage Kostenbaum. Previous episodes of the show are available at

Contact information

George Stebbins aka Koffeekid Smalls
Skype: Koffee.Smalls

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