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Sony Home Crosses 12 Million User Plateau: Largest Bowling League in the World?

Sony’s Home – a ‘community-based service’ built for the Playstation 3 – recently passed the 12 million worldwide user mark, according to Jack Buser, Home director, who revealed this stat at the Game Developer’s Conference.

A year ago, Home boasted five million users, which means the figure has increased an impressive 140%. On top of this, user stats indicate that more than 80% of those who log in once return for a second visit, and stayed for at least 60 minutes during the first visit. Buser did NOT reveal any Home-specific sales figures.

According to Kotaku, the continued success of the 3D space will eventually lead to a robust world of 3D games, noting that Sony is trying to “transform its 3D social network into a 3D gaming platform.”

Scrolling through the always-lively Kotaku-reader comments below the article, many users expressed skepticism over the ‘60 minutes’ figure, noting that, anecdotally at least, load times seem to be unbearable. We liked this comment in particular, from PapaBear434: “But you combine all the adrenaline fueled fun of bowling with the back breaking excitement of waiting in line. This is not fun.”


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