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Going Viral in a Virtual World: Branding and the Undead

New World Notes reports on Bloodlines, a massive Grid-wide viral ‘game’ where participants gain points by, well, biting people.

Image: SL Bloodlines

But what’s intriguing about this, other than the complaints by merchants that their store’s customers are being accosted by roaming packs of vampires, is the mechanics of the game – and the proof, judging by the 1,500 or so participants, that creative branding isn’t, well, dead.

Bloodlines combines all the elements that brands are looking for these days:

- A ‘viral’ campaign where the distribution of the message is driven by users/consumers
- Cross-media execution, in this case ‘in-world’ activities and the Web site
- Development of ‘champions’, helping to target and encourage ‘raving fans’
- A powerful story and association
- The ability to ‘drill down’ into deeper engagements with the brand (by purchasing products, for example)
- Social networking.

All Bloodlines is missing is a brand sponsor. And maybe a few other cross-platform links.

Loco Pocos is another example of brilliant branding. While not as viral as Bloodlines, it combines an incredible in-world build and activities with a Web site, group announcements, and now machinima. They recently announced that they’ve topped 6,000 visitors:

“Not only this, but Loco Pocos as a whole has exploded in just the 3 short months since it launched on July 9th with only 5 avatars and a handful of accessories. We now boast over 30 avatars, around 100 accessories, a machinima series, over 6,000 visitors and a fan group that just toppled 300!”

Yet another in-world brand with a community, cross-platform integration, and a story. All it needs is a sponsor, maybe, and a movie deal. :)

Branding in Second Life isn’t dead. It just isn’t being done by brands.

(Colgate and co., perhaps, excepted).


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