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WOW! WoW drops a notch in MMO standings

As reported on Gigaom, Habbo Hotel is soon to surpass World of Warcraft in unique monthly visitors. A Habbo executive VP explains that Habbo will soon surpass the 10-million figure, compared with the most recent count at WoW of 9.5 million unique users per month.

But this story must be taken with a least a few grains of salt, for the following reasons:

1 - Habbo is free, while WoW charges a subscription fee

2 - Measured in avatars, the numbers compare. But WoW users more often that not have more than one character under a single subscription.

3 - The only source in the article is said VP of Habbo Hotel.

This post has instigated a lively comments section from a wide-ranging group of users. Many give WoW credit for being such a profitable model, while others find the comparison between the two MMOs unrealistic. Definitely worth reading.

I’m now headed back to see if I can help crack 70,000 concurrency in SL, come join me!


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