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Celebrities Are Protectable IP In Virtual Worlds

As Virtual Worlds gears up for its Hollywood conference and expo, Variety reports that celebrities are inking deals with VWs like Gaia, Second Life, and Habbo to turn their likeness into consumer goods that users can buy. Wanna look like Snoop Dogg, all pimped out with those unmistakeable cornrows of hair? Buy it! Or (perish the thought) walk through SL as a Paris Hilton clone, little dog and all? And would a sex tape be for sale?

Millions of Us recently launched Virtual Greats, banking that there is enough celebrity interest out there and has begin to sign up a few to licensing deals, including Justin Timberlake, Elvis Presley Enterprises, and Tila Tequila. You’ll be able to purchase an avatar that looks like them, or just buy things like a hairstyle, catchphrase, clothing, or “other bit” - in other words, Virtual Greats is keeping the market wide open for all types of co-and cross-branded future items. Prices will vary depending on the platform - and no doubt, you’ll pay the most to be a celebrity in the big daddies of the VW world such as those mentioned above. Whether they’ll be able to protect against copybots is anyone’s guess.

The company is a part of the agency Millions of Us whose CEO is Reuben Steiger, a former Second Life executive, who says in the article, “The inspiration for Virtual Greats came when I realized that this was a $1.5 billion market without any high-value copyrighted material.” The CEO of Virtual Greats is Dan Jansen.

The value of the content creators who constitute the current in-world celebrities: priceless.


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