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Augmented Virtual Reality: My New Home Theatre

OK gadget freaks, the home theatre of the future has arrived, and instead of a flat screen high definition television with surround sound, a popcorn maker in the back corner, custom-fitted Laz-E-Boys and a bar fridge beside each chair I give you forty projection systems, two wearable VR-style systems, and a control room that will track the movements of multiple users.

According to Wired, the Augmented Reality Lab at Mawson something or other in Australia is large enough to rez ‘artifacts’ (sic) like cars.

According to Wired:

An example that illustrates the usefulness of this lab is the idea that a company will be able to roll in a car with body dents, and then superimpose the correct car schematics from the manufacturer to assess the total damage.

Um - so what you’re suggesting is that this augmented super room will let mechanics charge more?

“Sir, we did an augmented reality assessment of that little dent in the hood, here’s a bill for five grand.”

Come on! I picture this mega room being linked in to my beach house in Second Life. Or being able to attend the latest latex party at Rouge in full-throttled real-as-life glorious color.

Just don’t forget to tip the DJ.


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