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CSI in Second Life – OK, tired of Disneyland yet?

As previously posted, CSI NY has a lot to offer as a way of orienting people to Second Life. It has flaws as well, including in the new viewer, namely:

- The search function in the new viewer brings you to the “ALL” tab, the other tabs (places, classifieds) are hidden two levels down. For a newbie, this will mean a struggle to find what they’re looking for.
- The shop button simply launches a browser to the onRez site within the viewer – not sure why we need a browser WITHIN the viewer unless newbies don’t know how to alt-tab either, but then they’ve been sitting on their couches so long watching CSI Miami reruns ya gotta make it easy. (It does cause lag and memory leak however)..
- The viewer leaks memory on Macs
- It is difficult to remove the CSI HUD
- There is no clear way “off” the CSI sims – they don’t give a nice handy guide to newbies on some of the sites in SL.

OK, so I come to SL, attracted through the TV show to the idea of discos, sex, crazy furrys and other antics. I arrive and find – hmm, I find Disneyland. Even the “crime scenes” have huge posters and labels “THIS IS A CRIME SCENE!” as if the police tape and dead body wasn’t enough. Ah well, these are newbies.

But please, for the love of god, if you’re new and reading this, don’t despair. Let’s have a look at what people do with their OWN imaginations (oh, P.S. the build buttons are hidden as well, the buttons that are the WHOLE POINT of Second Life).

Maybe I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Exhibit A: Signage

In CSI NY signage is clear and user friendly. This is part of the Welcome area, for example, generously supported buy Cisco.
New York - clean and friendly

This, by comparison, is the welcome centre in Toxian City (oh and I even forced sun to noon just so you could make out some detail, usually it’s grimy and night):


Exhibit B: Crime Scene
Again, notice the clear signage. Oh! And look! The crime lab is right across the street from the scene of the murder! I guess everyone was out watching the World Series when the murder happened right next door to a brutal slaying. However, for intelligent forensic investigators, clear instructions on what to do, with a handy link to an external Web site (aided and abetted by more advertising).


Compare to the “crime scene” at Missing Mile:


Exhibit C: The Mean Streets of New York
Ah yeah…the grafiti scarred streets of the city. Um…well, I found one tag anyways.


Compared to the gritty streets of Midian City:

Exhibit D: Fun and Games
Oh, look! Big signs on the ground telling you to have fun and games!

Or, you can hang around Toxian City and, um, that’s some kind of, um, rack there in the foreground. Is that FUN? :P


Or, maybe just hang around Midian – oh, look, people, playing roles, being social, not playing some kind of weird card shuffle game, and actually interacting with each other in a highly detailed, gritty, urban sim!


And finally, and perhaps most of attractive of all, an SL resident at home – coffee steaming on the table, feet up, feeling contemplative about the true art to be found in Second Life – the stuff made by the users, not the Disney version of what people think users might actually enjoy.



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