Corporate Greed, er, Sponsorship Saves Mega-Prims

Sorry, couldn’t help it – forget all the lovely builds from someone other than IBM or Rezzable – they’re the ones driving the future of SL afterall.

/me Bites tongue, tongue bleeds, calls paramedic.

In any case, it IS good news that the mega prims will live a long and happy life, HAVOK 4 or not. As reported by NPIRL who attended the meeting with Andrew and sliced this from the transcript:

Worth underscoring:
[16:41] Andrew Linden: Currently there are a bunch of big estate owners who use megaprims to make cool content (IBM, greenies, Electric Sheep, etc)
[16:41] Andrew Linden: There is no way anyone is going to be able to nerf megaprims.

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