Fun with Virtual World Patents

Let’s have some fun with patents referring to virtual worlds! (All of these are actual patent applications descriptions found on a patent Web site.

A method and system provides transactions and arrangements in virtual world environments. A user can participate in transactions to acquire virtual property and related virtual rights. In some implementations, real-world and virtual parties can be involved in virtual collateral transactions as well as conditional transfers and/or revocations involving various types of virtual objects and virtual rights. A possible relinquishment of designated aspects of the virtual collateral may result from unsatisfactory compliance with a real-world obligation or virtual world obligation that is secured by the virtual collateral.

Soon to arrive ability to take out mortgages on virtual property and, failing to make payments, property is seized by the bank (“relinquishment of designated aspects) – so….not only will you lose your house in RL for spending too much time in virtual worlds, now you’ll lose your house in the virtual world too! Yay patent protected!

Patent Application Summary:
A method and system provides arrangements creating a relationship between a real-world entity and a virtual world environment. A virtual world patron can participate in various virtual world activities and transactions. Feedback may be provided and records kept regarding the virtual world activities and transactions. The virtual world patron may be a possible recipient of a real-world consequence or benefit based on a virtual world occurrence. In some instances confirmation of an awarded real-world benefit may be provided via a communication interconnection. Real-world profile data may be used in connection with promotional activities in a virtual world environment. A real-world consequence (e.g., benefit, opportunity) may be presented in a virtual world environment to one or more virtual world patrons having a nexus with a contextual category associated with the real-world consequence.

Buy and sell Lindens, gold, swords, ore, in and out of world. Yay! Patent protected!

An avatar that represents an user in a communications session is animated, without user manipulation, based on the animation of another avatar that represents another user in the same instant messaging communication session. The avatars may be displayed in a single instant messaging window, and the displayed animations may create an appearance that the avatars are interacting with one another. An avatar animation may be based on the content communicated by a user and a category that is associated with a user.

Sex in virtual worlds using menu-driven beds and/or animations built into virtual genitalia. Yay! Cyber sex now patent protected!

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