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Run Your Second Life – With Feeling!

Emotiv Systems will allow you to run your Second Life or other game avatar directly from your mind.

Per their Web site, this device, which is first aimed at the entertainment and game market, receives feedback from the user in the following ways:

“The Affectiv™ suite measures discreet emotional states.The Cognitiv™ suite detects conscious thoughts.The Expressiv™ suite can identify facial expressions in real-time.

The following is a description of the Affectiv suite:

Affectiv™ Suite
The Affectiv suite monitors player emotional states in real-time. It provides an extra dimension in game interaction by allowing the game to respond to a player’s emotions. Characters can transform in response to the player’s feeling. Music, scene lighting and effects can be tailored to heighten the experience for the player in real-time. The Affectiv suite can be used to monitor player state of mind and allow developers to adjust difficulty to suit each situation.

So if I get this right, game environments will soon be able to not only display our states of minds but monitor them, adjusting the game experience to suit the mood of the user.

There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?


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