Second Life

The Land Rush Begins – um, well, not rush exactly

Linden Lab announced that they are initiating new land pricing immediately, in spite the fact that the new land store isn’t available yet. Part of the argument and virtue of the new pricing was that it was to coincide with an automated system for bring sims online – basically, order a sim, up it pops.

Hacking a couple of man hours off the time it takes to install a sim might be part of the reason to lower the prices, and Linden has made a wise move in launching the new pricing system in spite the new system not being ready. With the announcement of the new prices, potential buyers were left waiting to purchase because it was such a significant reduction in price.

While the reduction in prices might have far more diabolical purposes, for individuals or companies looking to get into Second Life, or to expand their presence, lowering the cost a few notches is helpful. For the in-world economy, however, it might be a different story, and it brings into question whether “land” should ever again be viewed as an investment.

In the meantime, order up those sims – just expect to wait the usual week or two to have them brought online.


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