Second Life

Interface Design Should Do What You Need It To

I poked at the Sacred Cow of the interface design for the Second Life client but the following sums up the whole discussion far more clearly. (A picture is worth a 1,000 words, a world a billion of them).

The sum of the argument: sometimes you need an interface to be very simple and accomplish key tasks. And sometimes you WANT an interface to be a whole lot more. Neither is right or wrong, maybe, and in fact by adding features you can forget your core objective and need a manual to use it, but you can also elevate the mundane to art. :)

(The choice of interface in the above photos is not a commentary on the state of Second Life, a metaphor, or a product endorsement, it’s simply something by way of making a point.)

Can’t remember where I got the images – if they’re yours, let me credit you please or come after me with a team of lawyers.


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